Colour of a Diamond

When we talk about “colour” in a white diamond; remember, we are actually referring to the “lack of colour” or “how colourless” the diamond is. The more the “colourless” the diamond, the more valuable it is.

It is easy to mistake the “sparkle” of a diamond to the “colour”. As we go lower down the colour scale, you will notice a yellow tinge in the diamond. But a high colour does not mean that the diamond will be necessarily sparkly. The sparkle in a diamond is determined by the cut of the diamond (go to Cut to read more about this aspect). A high colour does add value to your diamond due to its rarity factor.

While we recommend D – F colour diamonds, we do tailor solutions to the needs of the client.

It is important that clarity is not considered in exclusivity. Rather, all the 4C’s of the diamond must be considered together. In evaluating the best diamond to suit your requirements, it is advisable to make an appointment with us. We will explain the quality factors of a diamond (the 4C’s) and will recommend the best quality mix to suit your budget.