We custom-make your precious piece of sparkle… to suit every budget and every occasion. 

•  Get involved in selecting your design,

•  Let us guide you to choose the best value and most sparkling diamonds,

•  Then let our master Australian jewellers hand-make
your precious piece of sparkle. 

Love the Bling!

We specialise in 1 carat and larger diamonds!
Additionally, we guarantee that all our diamonds offer the best value and most sparkle ever. 

So why not contact us for your private consultation
to find out how.

You will surely love our bling. 

Colour and Rarity

We specialise in investment grade diamonds such as Argyle Pink diamonds. 

Property, equities and term deposits are the major assets that SMSF Trustees tend to invest in. However, diamonds are also allowable investments inside an SMSF Portfolio and allows Trustees to put together a truly diversified portfolio. 

Over the last 20 years Argyle Pink diamonds have appreciated in value by 15% or more per year. And that is going to increase because the best and largest source of pink diamonds in the world – the Argyle Diamond mine – will close in 2021.

Contact us so that we can explain how Argyle Pink diamonds can add value to your investment portfolio.

(Background image copyright 2017 Rio Tinto)

Old to New

The core of what we do is manufacture; and that means, we also excel in converting your old or inherited jewellery into new stunning pieces that you will love wearing. So contact us and you might surprise yourself at the options we can offer you at amazing value.

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