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Ethically mined diamonds

We source the most brilliant, ethically-mined diamonds and offer the best value to you. You can count on our 15 years experience to give you genuine advice and find the best diamond that suits your needs.

Then you can select your own jewellery design and allow our master Australian jewellers to manufacture it for you.

Rare Argyle Diamonds

We specialise in rare Australian Argyle diamonds such as pink, blue and red.

They come with genuine Argyle certification as an assurance of their authenticity.

Repairs and Remodels

Jewellery Repairs & Remodels

We repair and remodel your old jewellery for you so that it gets a new look for you to enjoy wearing once again.

> Ring re-sizes
> Arthiritic finger ring clamp
> Repair worn out ring shanks and claws
> Re-set diamonds fallen out of their setting
> Pearl re-strings, and more

No job is too small. And efficient turn-around times.

Australian manufacture

All new diamond jewellery, repairs and remodels to your old jewellery are done by master Australian jewellers here in Melbourne.

Nothing is outsourced overseas and nor do we use cheap overseas casted jewellery fittings.

The Ruby gemstone: a gem for nobility, passion and to suit every occasion

The Ruby gemstone: a gem for nobility, passion and to suit every occasion | Blog 

The Ruby. A beautiful gemstone that is captivating with its wide hue of red colours ranging from pinkish red to pigeon’s blood. Over the centuries it was the stone for nobility and royalty. In modern times, it makes a stunning piece of jewellery for every occasion due to its hardness and durability. But buyer beware. Original mine deposits are wearing thin and are replaced with synthetics. This is the first in a two-part series on the Corundum range: the second article will be on the Sapphire gemstone.

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