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1ct+ diamonds

1 carat or larger diamonds are our speciality. 

We guarantee that our diamonds have the best sparkle and offer excellent value. 

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Rare Argyle pink diamonds

Rare Argyle pink diamonds are our speciality. 

These diamonds are investment grade and among the rarest in the world. 

Read more about these beautiful diamonds.

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Repairs, Remodels and Restorations

Convert your inherited and old jewellery into something new and exciting that you will enjoy wearing!

We are manufacturing jewellers and specialise in repairs, remodels and restorations of diamond jewellery. 

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Custom-made by master Australian jewellers was never such good value…

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Practical advice about precious diamonds | Blog 

Choosing a diamond

Looking for a diamond? Are you overwhelmed by the sales pitches of sales people and the jargon of the 4C’s of grading a diamond? Here is a true to life experience of how I helped my customer select the right stone for themselves and walk away happy.

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Create your own sparkle

We specialise in 1 carat (or larger) diamonds. You can be assured that our diamonds have the best sparkle (find out how) and offer excellent value. All our engagement rings and diamond jewellery are custom-made to your design by master Australian jewellers. With our expert guidance, we help you create your preferred ring design and select your diamond or gemstone. Then let our master Australian jewellers manufacture your precious piece of sparkle.
Or how about giving that old piece of jewellery a fresh new look? We do remodels and restorations as well.

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It’s all about colour & rarity

Do you love rare, coloured diamonds? That is our speciality. So consult us if you prefer Argyle Pink diamonds, Cognac and Champagne diamonds, Yellow diamonds, Blue diamonds and so on. We can source rare and stunning diamonds … whether you prefer them as an investment or to be set into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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