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What factors influence your diamond buying process?


What is important for you when choosing a diamond ā€“ the colour, clarity or size? Do you understand how these impact upon the price? What safeguards should you have to ensure that you are getting what you paid for? Imperfect information sources of the customer I have always witnessed customers grapple with understanding [...]

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Diamond cut grading and certification


Off the 4Cā€™s that value a diamond ā€“ Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight, the Cut is probably the most under-estimated and yet has the biggest impact on the sparkle of a diamond. But are diamonds cut for Certification or to obtain the maximum sparkle? What is the importance of a diamond certificate in [...]

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Colour of a Diamond When we talk about "colour" in a white diamond; remember, we are actually referring to the "lack of colour" or "how colourless" the diamond is. The more the "colourless" the diamond, the more valuable it is. It is easy to mistake the "sparkle" of a diamond to the "colour". As we [...]