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Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds: a rare choice for your wedding or investment


The Australian pink diamond is among the most beautiful of fancy coloured diamonds and also truly rare. When set in a piece of jewellery it will enhance it and give it a very unique look. Those who have a keen eye and appreciation for all things precious and rare will choose to purchase it [...]

Diamond Cut


Anatomy of a Diamond Round Brilliant Cut Guide While there is a high emphasis on the colour and clarity of a diamond, the cut is equally if not more important. It is the only factor that is influenced by man. A diamond of high colour and clarity but of poor cut will [...]



Colour of a Diamond When we talk about "colour" in a white diamond; remember, we are actually referring to the "lack of colour" or "how colourless" the diamond is. The more the "colourless" the diamond, the more valuable it is. It is easy to mistake the "sparkle" of a diamond to the "colour". As we [...]



Diamond Shapes A Round Brilliant is a diamond cut with 58 facets so as to have exceptional brilliance. The shape resembles that of a cone and provides maximized light return through the top of the diamond. This popular cut has the perfect proportions and symmetry to maximize a diamond's brilliance and fire. The Princess cut [...]



Clarity of a Diamond The clarity of a diamond refers to the amount of inclusions and blemishes which are a naturally occuring part of a diamond. Clarity is graded based on the amount, size, shape and location of the natural inclusions and blemishes in the diamond. Whether or not these can be seen by the [...]